The things people ask us!

                                          Do you just repair TVs?

We repair many items of home electronics. Our main repair items are TVs of course, but we also fix DVD recorders, video recorders, hi-fi systems and other electronic items. If in doubt, just ask! We also specialise in vintage equipment.

                                             Do you do house calls?

Of course! I can call to set up your equipment or see what’s gone wrong with your connections. If your equipment needs workshop attention I’ll pack it up and take it back with me. And if your TV is too big or you can’t make it to the workshop I’ll be happy to collect it. I can transport sets up to 60″ screen.

           I’ve heard that flat screen TVs can’t be repaired. Is that right?

Well, we wouldn’t be in business if that was true! Broken screens can’t be repaired, but otherwise there are plenty of bits in there that can and do go wrong.

                                         Is my TV worth repairing?

If you aren’t sure if your TV is worth repairing, don’t worry. If you bring it in I’ll be happy to give you a free estimate before commencing the repair, and you might be pleasantly surprised. That way you have nothing to lose.

                               It’s probably just a capacitor…

In the old days, people thought their TV consisted of a switch, a picture valve, a sound valve and a tube. Then transistors came along so the job of valves was done by transistors – or even chips! Now the internet tells you it’s ‘just the capacitor’ – however there are well over a thousand in the average TV….

               What if my TV is beyond repair?

If your TV has come to the end of its life we can offer a free disposal service. The old set will be disposed of under current WEEE guidelines and recycled, though this only applies to flat screen sets.


My TV’s screen is broken – can you help?

I’ll try my best, but even a small scratch or an internal crack means a replacement screen – and they aren’t cheap. However I do have some salvaged screens in stock so it’s always worth a phone call.                                                 

Do you fit aerials or satellite dishes?

If you need help with repair or installing aerial or satellite systems then let me know and if I’m not able to help I can put you in touch with a local business who can sort your problem out.


 Do you repair computers?

I’m afraid not. However if you contact Giles at Fusion IT Services he’ll be happy to help – he fixes ours so he can’t be that bad!