Vintage hi-fi equipment

As a change from all the modern stuff, I like to get my hands dirty on old equipment, especially vintage hi-fi. So if you have an old Quad, Leak, Sugden or similar piece of hi-fi history and you’re wondering where to get it repaired, look no further.                                                                                     

I am happy to work with these quality makes, valve or transistor. I can either repair a simple fault or carry out a full restoration to the original standard. I’m also at home with more modern hi-fi such as the quality Japanese makes from the Seventies like Technics and Sansui.

I stock some vintage parts, but I also have contacts who are able to source the older items I might need.

I specialise in reel to reel recorders, from the mighty Revox down to the more prosaic Philips, Grundigs and Fidelities. I have the equipment to get these working as they are supposed to, and the performance of some of these machines will leave many digital sqwawk-boxes standing.

However, if your equipment isn’t quite of this quality, it’s not a problem. I’ll gladly take a look at old Dansettes, Fergusons and so on. These old beasts are very sought after and look so much more the part than an i-Pad ever could.